AMD chip AM27C256-120DC

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I have a PSI (Power Solutions Inc.) electronic engine control ECU with the following information:

Part Number:  LS20-1-P100-001

Serial #:  1601 A  0012

Possibly a date code or case part number 3000305  K28-01E dated 4/2001

This ECU powers an Aichi Model SP18AJ and SP221AJ mobile lift truck that controls a GM 2.0L four cylinder engine that is both gasoline powered and propane powered so "dual fuel system".

The ECU in question has failed on 20 units.

I do have access to the repair manual with electrical schematics for the Aichi machine.

My goal is to reverse engineer the Mask prom information that is currently on the chip to something I can read and interpret to replace this type of ECU with a Holley Terminator X ECU.

Is there a service or a process to "unmask" the data that is on the chip?

Would it be beneficial to try and reverse engineer the PCB with its 36 pin plug?

I would need to be able to read the information to decipher what the piece of equipment that this ECU controls and or makes logical decisions. 

Thus allowing me to control the GM engine with a current user friendly ECU that is compatible with the small gap GM HEI ignition system that is currently on the piece of equipment.

The ignition system is the same as used on a 1985 Chevy Astro van with the automotive 2.5L engine.

The mobile lift has to allow the operator to start the piece of equipment, move it or "crawl" when the boom is down and then change the engine rpm to allow the hydraulics to operate the boom lift and articulation options.  I believe the ECU thus receives engine inputs but also sends outputs to the engine as well.      Barber Colman ECU BIN file

I have a BIN file that a computer repair facility pulled off the chip with their prom reader.  The original code was compiled by Barber Colman.  Barber Colman is now owned and supported by Drake Controls in Texas.

Does anyone have a suggestion or can offer any type of paid consulting to get this problem resolved?

Thank you,